We are a Vancouver-based company that provides data automation solutions for real estate professionals. Proudly owned by the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) since 2018


Humble Beginnings

Back in 2012, we learned about how much time real estate developers spend compiling due diligence information on land acquisitions. We interviewed hundreds of professionals, and everyone seemed to spend the same inordinate number of hours digging through dozens of different websites and databases to assemble the "complete" picture of a property.



Working out of a garage, we built the first version of our system that brought all of the necessary data together. We immediately saw our users accomplish work in seconds that previously took them hours or even days.


Better Information for Real Estate Professionals

We quickly learn that developers aren't the only people needing fast, easy, and complete access to land and property information. We continue to gather feedback from professionals, improving the data sources and capabilities of AUTOPROP along the way.


Map Based Dashboards Launch

We launch a redesigned platform based on user experience and feedback.


Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) Acquires AUTOPROP Software Ltd.

Together with LTSA, we now improve information transparency and data access for real estate professionals in BC. The integration of AUTOPROP's technology with LTSA's platforms allow us better decision making for public and private sector customers.


All BC Real Estate Boards Join Us

All 11 real estate boards in BC now provide AUTOPROP as a service for their members.


User Improvements and Upgraded Tools

AUTOPROP now enables more customization in reports, improved data integrations and a new parcel measurement tool.


Notifications and Further Customization

2021 saw the launch of our Notifications Dashboard, custom Property Reports settings, and significant improvements to our MLS® integrations. We added several map layers including water sources, Metro Vancouver regional growth strategy (Frequent Transit Development Areas) and more…


What a Year!

In 2022, we launched a comprehensive CMA tool in select markets. We also introduced a Spatial Information Report available throughout the province, alongside visualization tools for Land Use Plans.


The CMA Expands Across BC

This year, we're hard at work expanding access to our CMA tool for REALTORS® throughout the entire province. We're looking forward to continuing the hard work of improving our platform for over 26,000 users online today. 🚀

We save our clients countless hours of work each year!

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